Friday, May 19, 2017

Drumpf Toon

I haven't done a cartoon of our fearful leader in awhile, so here is one that pertains to his desire for validation in doing the most trivial of things. 

Politicians are a boon for cartoonists and this guy is a cornucopia of plenty. It helps that his personality and actions go hand in hand with his physical stature. The only Presidents in recent history that I've heard other cartoonists, especially editorial ones having a hard time with were Ford and Obama. They were just too ordinary looking. I think that the only two cartoonists who did a good job with Ford was Jeff MacNelly of Shoe fame and the Detroit News' own Draper Hill. But, there was nothing to exaggerate on the guy, maybe a high forehead, but that was about it.

But of course, Trump has all kinds of stuff to lampoon. I think his fat head and his fat ass kind act as a sort of a ballast. Maybe they have a purpose, after all.

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