Friday, April 28, 2017


I haven't had one of these posts in awhile, but the weather is getting nicer, so the assholes are coming out of the lairs and out into society. So, yesterday, I was out and about and coming up on a busy intersection. Everyone was slamming on the brakes and swerving. Why, you ask? Because of this piece of crap. What has become an all too popular phenomenon in these here parts, douchebags will walk out into traffic and hold their heads high in their self nobleness. Walking slowly with heads held high in aggression they dare someone to not respect their authority, or whatever it is that they are trying to prove. I'm almost sure it's a lawsuit they are looking for and they are preying on people's good nature that they will not run over a dumb ass who is too ignorant not to walk out into traffic, so it appeases some insecurity that they have. So, this specimen walked out on a green light just before the intersection and when the cars had to come to a sudden stop he stopped and stroked his beard.

He was even wearing a Cosby sweater.

Here is a little insight into the genesis of these posts. 

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