Thursday, February 9, 2017

H.R. Giger

If Edward Gorey showed me that one can laugh in dark places, H.R. Giger showed me that there is something in the darkness. The first time that I saw his artwork was from the album cover art  for Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery and it both mystified and captivated me. I had a hard time wondering just what was going on here (it was much later that I learned what the title meant, not sure if that was what Giger meant, though). His work, among the most famous, his designs for the alien in the Alien movies, had me trying to figure out if it was about horror, lust, darkness, etc. Should I be afraid or aroused? More afraid than aroused, I think. The Swiss artist, who passed away in 2014, had an imaginative like no other, but what can you expect from a guy who slept in his bathtub.

I'm sure he was a lot nicer than how he looks in my watercolor.

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