Friday, December 30, 2016

A Michigan To Texas Birthday Wish 2016

Each year my friend Sandra collects photos from her internet friends for her birthday. This year's photo was taken last August on my way back from Chicago. So, this was somewhere in southern Illinois and soon after this pic was taken the clouds formed a tube of sorts and the setting sun shone inside of it and it seemed to be on fire. Unfortunately, the pic that I took of that was too blurry. 

Happy Birthday, Sandra!


Sandra said...

Hi, Brucie!!!!!!!

YOU have been such a, SWEETHEART to ME for soOO long, now!!!!

It is a real honor and...TREAT to be surprised with your...GORGEOUS & FABULOUS photos that you send out to me, once a year, to make my...BIRTHDAY, December 30th, every year, soOO...SPECIAL!!!

YOU are an...AMAZING Friend, TALENTED Artist, and WONDERFUL man to your family and friends!

I am soOo...HAPPY to know YOU! And, soOO...HAPPY to be able to witness the...BEAUTY in your LIFE, through your photos and posts on...FB & on your BLOG!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to YOU, my...AMAZING Friend and...AWESOME...BUDDY!


Bruce said...

Aw, you are too sweet! It's my pleasure and I'm glad that you appreciate and are happy with what pics I present. It makes my day, too!

Happy New Year to you and yours, as well!

Sandra said...

TYSM, again, Bruce!

Wishing nothing but the...BEST for YOU & YOURS in...2017!