Thursday, November 10, 2016


So, October has been a challenging month for me physically, to say the least. After learning of the passing of a friend at the beginning of the month, it was a downhill from there. First, I was at the Detroit Zoo inspecting the main fountain and was walking to the smaller seal fountain when the next thing I know, my forehead bounced of the concrete. A few scant seconds later I heard a kid say, "Mommy, that man fell." Thanks for letting me know and that's no sarcasm. It was that quick. The culprit? Goose poop that had settled and spread out when it was filled with water. I slipped in it and down I went. I had a nice welt on my forehead, but luckily no concussion. No blurriness, no stars, just a Tommy Boy sized mark on my noggin. 

Next up, my colonoscopy. Not an injury at all, but not something pleasant to think about. All good with that, though. the worst part was the prep and the daylong purge. Fun.

And then, the coup de grace. My Godson Sam was having a laser tag party for his birthday and either he or his parents wanted an adult there, so who am I to pass up a chance to run around and be a goofball? Well, I paid the price. I stepped where I thought was a step and not a ramp, while my thigh was going one way and my calf/shin went the other. I finally found something more painful than kidney stones. To make a long story short, I fractured the tip of my left tiba, sprained every ligament around the knee, and tore the meniscus. No damage to the knee cap at all. Haven't been able to walk since, but I'm mending and can see the light.

So, a sketch was in order, of course. I need to find humor in all of this.

p.s. I had a teeth cleaning in the middle of all this that went superbly. Any port in a storm....

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