Monday, January 25, 2016

How We Built A Weathervane, Part Seven

Continuing on with the latest installment on how we built the Belle Isle Aquarium weathervane.

The two halves of the plaster gar are now cleaned up and ready for the next step.

This is the anal fin, which was done in two halves and needed to be glued together for the next step.

With the first plaster casts done, our attention was now put on the electric eels. Here the same procedure as was done to the gar is done here. The metal flashings are placed right down the middle all the way around.

The first half of the plaster now done. Time to make one for the second half.

Here is the plaster casting of one of the halves.

Now, we needed to make the second plaster castings for the pouring of the aluminum. Boxes put together once again.

Here, Leslie Cislo is prepping the the second half pouring. The bottom molds have already been made, as you can see.

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