Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So.... this guy.

As I was returning home today from The VBWorks I pulled up to a light where there was a dump truck pulling a trailer and two other cars in front of me. The guy right in front of me pulls over to jump in front of the dump truck. I think, good idea, because he will probably be slow as heck. So, light turns green, the guy in front of me looks up into his rearview mirror at me and just sits there. Just long enough for me to get stuck by the dump truck. Said guy flies around him. So, I have to wait a bit for the road to widen, then I go around. I pull up behind this dude, not thinking too much about what he was about. Then, as the road widens he drifts into the middle and slows down making sure to look at me in his mirror. I put my hands up, thinking "what the heck is going on here?' I wasn't speeding nor riding his tail. We get up to the light and he rolls his window down and is screaming at me asking me if I know how to drive. Every other word is an expletive. I say, sure I do. Do you? He then proceeds to say 'how dare you ask me that! I'm a police officer!' I respond my saying, 'at which mall?' He hits the ceiling. He was trying so hard to justify his poor driving by abusing his job as a rent-a-cop, I thought he was going to blow a gasket. When I showed absolutely no respect for him, you know, trying to impersonate a police officer, he sped off. I got in the final FU, though.

Of course, this is a stylized cartoon of the prick, but I think I nailed his expression. I should have asked him for his badge number and precinct. He would have exploded.

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