Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So, this encounter actually happened a couple of months ago, but haven't updated about these kinds of critters because I've been pretty busy. Anyways, this old guy was driving his car all over the place. Not in a clueless pattern, he knew exactly what he was doing, not giving a rat's ass what anyone else though or was doing. So, he cuts me off, zips up, cuts off another lady, does it again and when he's satisfied that he has pissed off the appropriate amount of people, he slows down to the speed limit. After a bit, I get up along side him and am ready with the finger, and I see the bald old guy with a sneer of his face, but with the most ridiculous, yet awesome set of thick red glasses I've ever seen. Elton John meets WW II bomber. My irritation really subsided at this point, because this guy has a story, a real character. I won't use the 'people suck' label o this guy, he gets a pass.

Oh yeah, and he could care less about what I thought....

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