Monday, December 29, 2014


It seems so weird that I haven't run across too many of these Visigoths lately, but I did today. This choad and his wife were delightful. As we were walking across the parking lot of a diner on our way for lunch this car that had pulled in before us apparently bumped the car next to them setting off the alarm. They scurried in front of us and Tina made a comment as to how they didn't seem to mind doing what they did only wanting to get ahead of everyone else going into the diner. Well, they heard this and this rodent (why do they all look like rodents?) stared me down going in and while waiting to be seated. I think he was grinning his rodent grin even after sitting. I thought I was in junior high again for a moment. I will never understand people who do questionable acts and then when someone sees them doing said act they get cocky and childish.

I did like his patchwork beard kind of thing, though. It added to the rodent mentality.

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