Monday, June 2, 2014


So, what came first, the asshole or the pick up truck? Do assholes just gravitate towards pick ups or do they become one after owning one? I'm talking about the big battle cruiser, I have a small penis, more money than brains type pick up here.

This delightful guy cuts me off forcing me to hit the breaks so that he didn't run me over, then proceeded to do the same to four other vehicles in the span of minutes. Most of these cars were going slightly over the speed limit, but that wasn't cool enough for this choad. As he gets stuck behind someone slow and I pass him (which almost always happens with these guys) I notice the plethora of manly stickers on the back window. You know the ones, hunting stickers, kill 'em all, let god sort it out stickers, Calvin peeing on whatever stickers, you know, manly stuff. I get a good luck at him and he is hiding behind his arm, as is always the case, camo hat, cig, sunglasses, scowl, etc. The full costume and props going in full effect.

Little, little minds, a cancer affecting all.

They are everywhere.

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