Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I read an interesting write up not too long ago about how there are two kinds of people in the world; Athenians and Visigoths. Basically, if one is an Athenian then they are seekers of knowledge, enlightenment, education, the betterment of mankind and all that. If one is a Visigoth then they are about ignorance, lack of culture, violence, destruction and arrogance.

Well, the Visigoths are everywhere and I have debated for a long time now that I need to sketch these bozos when they cross my path and grace me with their ways. I always thought that maybe I would become to judgmental or critical if I did this, but am now thinking that it may be cathartic in putting pencil to paper, just so that I don't become the monster that I see in front of me.

There is a Canadian cartoonist who does this brilliantly with his Bane Of My Existence" section on his blog, Chowderhead Bazoo. I've been following Rod Filbrandt for a few years now and am always pretty much entertained by his insight and wit. Of course, my take will be somewhat different as I need to find my direction and the path I want to follow on this, but above is one such Visigoth that I encountered recently.

We were leaving the rather large and pretty much empty parking lot of a large hardware store type place when this huge mamajamma came flying at us on the wrong side of the aisle just so that she could careen into a handicap parking space that was in front of us. She was in such a hurry and didn't want to take the chance that we might want that particular spot that she almost hit us and the parked car next to the handicap spot. Now keep in mind that there were dozens of spots that were empty and much closer to the door than this particular handicapped space. I looked back at this smug toad and she had to keep backing up and pulling in because in her haste she was at such an awkward angle there was no way that she could park her SUV correctly. She was still struggling with her lack of driving skills as we exited the parking lot, luckily unscathed by this one.

Handicapped indeed.

The Visigoths are legion.

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