Monday, October 21, 2013

The Book Of Tarot

The Hermit
ink on bristol board

I have a few projects coming to fruition this week, so I will be updating on them throughout the week. The first is The Book Of Tarot, a collection that will make its debut this weekend at Detroit Fanfare in Dearborn, MI. All of the artists in the book will be on hand at the convention to sign their little hearts away. The book was put together by Gary Reed and printed up through his Transfuzion Publishing.

I chose to do The Hermit card and the above image is what it looks like. I wanted to incorporate a few different aspects, such as The Hermit himself, the tale of Diogenes of Athens, which lends itself perfectly with this card and the story of St. Gerlach, a dutch mercenary who lived in an oak tree after his journey from the Crusades. The tree replaces the mountain in the original card.

I've already seen a few pieces from this book and they have all been stellar looking, so if you are into anything Tarot, then this book is for you. Stop on by my table in artists alley and pick up a copy.

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