Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Darth Maul

                                                                 An in progress shot.

                                                                       app. 12x3x3
                                                         wood, varnish and colored inks


All this month up until the 23rd the In A Gallery Far Far Away show at the River's Edge Gallery is still going on. One of the six pieces that I have in the show is the one shown above, called Chasm. The character is Darth Maul from the movie The Phantom Menace and the Clone Wars animated series. I chose to depict him with an oversized cloak, filled with darkness, thus calling it Chasm. As far as I know, this piece is still available, so head on down to Wyandotte to get your Star Wars, sci-fi and pop culture fix from some artists such as Bill Pulkovski, Kelly Nemzek, Matt Busch, Lin Zy, Jay Shimko, Anne Garavaggio, Slaw, Bill Morrison and others.

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