Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Ink: Dr. Who

Dr. Who
ink on bristol board

Who? Exactly. It's Dr. Who! And as some of you may know, Colin Baker who once played the traveling doc is coming to Motor City Comic Con next month. So, stop on by my table in artists alley and pick up this original drawing and have him sign it. Or not. You may be holding out for that Eccelston guy. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Nice one! You've really captured the quirky and grumpy spirit of Six.

Colin Baker had a rough ride during his time at the TARDIS console, but he remains one of my favourite Doctors to this day.

Did he sign the picture?

Bruce said...

Thanks, Kell! I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan and don't know a lot of the mythos surrounding the show, so it's good to hear that I could capture something! Growing up, my brother was a huge Dr. Who fan where I followed on and off.

He hasn't signed it. He will be a media guest at the Motor City Comic Con in a couple of weeks and I plan to have the original for sale in artists alley. Maybe a Who fan will pick it up and have him sign it!