Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta's oeuvre ranged from comics to book and album cover's to interior book illustrations to fine art (albeit considered low brow by some). He was the first artist that I was exposed to that could bring the fantasy world of barbarians and sorcerers  to life in such a vivid way that I felt a part of the action, that I was in the room, or in that jungle. His was a world of beautiful women, swordsmen, spacemen and monsters and it was awesome. Frazetta's ink work was just as unique and identifiable as his brushwork.

I chose to represent FF as he looked when a younger man. I could have as easily taken the more older version and that would have been just as fun, but I always liked the young artist that he was ready to take on the illustration world and all those years ahead of him. Plus, he has a cool Rat Pack, Sinatra, 50's tough guy look to him here.

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