Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am participating in a fundraiser for a little boy named Matthew from northern Michigan who is receiving treatment for a brain tumor, which is being put together by the Cherry Capital Con's very own Rob Humphrey. Matthew is a huge Star Wars fan, so Rob contacted a bunch of us arty types to draw up something Star Wars related that we could give to him to uplift his spirits during his struggle. And from what I have heard, Lucasfilm and the 501st are involved with the assistance of creating a book of the artwork that can be sold to raise further funds for Matthew and his family. I will definitely post further details as I receive them.

Some of the other artists on tap for this project seem to be mostly Michigan based and they include such talents as Jay Jacot, Guy Allen, Jeff Manley, Matthew Minor, among others.

Above is my contribution, an aggressive Yoda fighting the good fight. As usual, click on the image to engorge.

And keep Matthew in your thoughts while he fights the good fight.


Merisi said...

Beautiful drawing and good deed, Bruce!

Wished no one had to go through illness and worry about health care costs.

Bruce said...

Thank you, Merisi!

I feel so bad for this little guy and hope that when he receives the drawings that his spirits will be lifted some.