Monday, October 8, 2012

fish poop

So, this is kinda sorta an unofficial 'aquarium' cartoon since it has some 'negative' connotations. I started this one months back before the 'aquarium' opened at a one day event that drew about 4, 000 people to see a half filled with fish building. A pretty good draw for some 'officials' who stated that it was an old building that no one wanted. And since we usually get yelled at in some way by the 'powers that be' for positively promoting what is happening, this would definitely give them an aneurism. But, I felt it needed to be said and to be shown. Just not with blessings.

So, it's Rebel Underground Cartoon Alliance day! Operating from an undisclosed location, of course. Until they shut me down I will have pen in hand! Viva la Ink!

1 comment:

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