Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wizard World Chicago Recap, Part Two

Here are a few more pics from my weekend in Rosemont, IL at Wizard World Chicago.

My buddy Scott who was at the show getting autographs and such picked up this beaut of a commission from Dave Dorman.  That's one damn awesome Yoda painting!

 While we were in town I had to drop in to see my long time bud and Muck Man theme song musician, Chris Quigley. The last time I swept through town we couldn't hook up, so we went over to Schaumburg to see his buddy and their band play. They are called Space Was Cool and they rocked the place and even gave us a shout out. from L to R: Chris, Scott Toth, Bill Pulkovski and moi. Rockstars.

 As the show wound down I just had to get a sketch from the mighty George Perez, Drawer of Super-People and Super Nice Guy.

 And here is George with the Scarlett Witch that he just finished up for me. I was his last sketch of the weekend. Whew.

This is what happens when you cross a couple of artists. You wake up with a beheaded Yoda. Scott trembled in fear when he opened his eyes to this horrendous sight.

And to top off an already great weekend, on the way home we saw this guy with his tattoo of a band-aid on his arm. He was cool and he wanted you to know it.

In my next post I will show the artwork that I picked up or was given at the show.

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