Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shiver On The River 2012

This Saturday, Feb. 4th Belle Isle will once again host it's annual winter event, Shiver On The River. the aquarium will be opened for the day and there are more tanks filled with different water denizens, including a shark. So, come on down, brave the cold (I don't think it will be that cold this year), and see some fishies. We are getting that much closer to opening and occasions like this only make that day even closer.

 This year's cartoon may find some scratching their heads (especially those young ones), as I really tapped into my inner nerd for this one. Hopefully, some of you will get the pop culture references.

I will not be in attendance this year (but, my cartoons will!), as I will be in Lansing for the MSU Comics Forum, but more on that later.

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