Friday, December 30, 2011

A Michigan To Texas Birthday Wish 2011

My internet pal Sandra likes to collect photos from her online friends for her birthday every year. So, for this year's photo, I selected this image of the Belle Isle Conservatory as seen from the roof of the aquarium. In the spring, the aquarium will be getting a much needed roof replacement, which will be one step closer to getting the place re-opened.

Sandra, I hope that you like this Detroit themed birthday photo!


Sandra said...

Bruce!!! You are such a, genuinely, thoughtful, person!!!! I LOVE my Birthday Photo!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this photo with me and dedicating it to me on my Birthday!! Good Luck on it's hopeful and anticipated future reopening!! Love and hugs from Texas!! XO

Sandra said...

Bruce!!! YOU MADE MY DAY with this BIRTHDAY post for ME!!! Thank you, again!! XO

Bruce said...

Sandra, I am pleased that you liked the photo and even more so that you had a good birthday!

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