Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Muck Man #14

After receiving some good advice and direction for my Muck Man and ink.re.ments cartoon strips at the Summit City Comic Con a week or so ago, I have been eager to get the ball rolling and put these things out in a more timely fashion. So, here we continue with the origins of Muck Man.

This may appear as a slam against Greenpeace, but it's not. I'm actually a supporter of what they do. Just so you know.


Denver Brubaker said...

Poor Muck Man...don't no one understand yer pain, son! =o)

Oh and kudos for the label "fish poop"

Bruce said...

Hehe, yes, besides being sloppy, he's slightly misunderstood, as well.

'Fish poop' is just plain fun to say. Fish poop.