Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Michigan To Texas Birthday Wish 2010

Today is the birthday of my internet pal, Sandra, and on this day she likes to collect photos from all her internet friends across the globe. My picture was taken back in November on a chilly morning hike in a park somewhat near my house. I really liked the cloud formations; they seemed to have settled over this scene like a blanket.

Happy Birthday, Sandra! I hope that you enjoyed the picture and your day!


Sandra said...

Brucie!!!! WOW!!!!! What an amazingly GORGEOUS pic!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! You've absolutely made my Birthday with this fabulous pic!! You are Rockin' Cool!! Thank you so very much!!! You are so Super Sweet for thinking of me in my Birthday and posting beautiful pics for me!! Happy New Year to you from Texas!! -Sandra xoxo

Sandra said...

Oops...I meant, "on" my birthday! : ) xoxo

Bruce said...

Hi Sandra! I'm glad that you liked the picture (I was kind of happy with it myself) and you have a happy New Year, as well!