Friday, February 29, 2008


Here is the logo that I have been working on for a new local company called Hogsnot and they will be selling motor oil for the motorcycle market, particularly Harleys. The client (who was great to work with btw) wanted an ugly hog with snot and drool, ear rings, skull cap, the whole nine yards. Heck, I'm friends with this type of......... "people." So, it was very easy for me to conceptualize this one. I thought what would make this guy have that little extra added touch of ugly, so the uni-brow was a must, thick ear hair and stubble, which I'm kind of happy with. 

I'm hoping soon that this ugly hog will be seen in and about the Detroit area. I believe that a website is being built for the product, so I will post a link when I hear more. And soon I will post the sketches and the steps that lead to this sweetheart.


DAD said...

Ho ho..... It 's not some motor oil for the Muslims this!
It's definitely as drawings.
I think that you succeeded in making what your customer wanted!
Good job guy!

Bruce said...

Ha, ha, ne pensent pas que je n'ai pas eu des réservations au sujet de faire ceci pour une compagnie pétrolière ! Je pense qu'il est seulement un petit distributeur de temps et je détesterais pour écarter le petit type. Plus, il m'a payé davantage que ce que nous avons convenu et il était un gentil type. Et j'aime des porcs

Anonymous said...
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Bruce said...

And who are you "anonymous" and do you know who the client even is? I didn't do a background check on my client, but if you have credulous information why wouldn't you e-mail this?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the hog is even real,let alone a sex offender. Just because he looks a certain way, sure....he's probably a reprobate. Oh and if he rides a motorcycle. A hog just can't catch a break can he. I think if I see this hog around town I'll shake his hand for stirring things up before he's even on a bottle.
Hog's love mud. Like it dirty.Love to smell. They still seem to maintain just a real "I don't give a crap attitude". Oh to be as a hog. Really quite loving....I think. D

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