Thursday, October 11, 2007

Labor Day Girl

I did the top sketch last year around Labor Day and had always wanted to do a better rendition of it, so I finally experimented with the image somewhat, doing a colored pencil drawing on tinted paper next. Then I tightened it up a bit and went for a more graphic look in my final version.

So, that was the process on this one.

Labor Girl
acrylic on illustration board


Merisi said...

I really like the final version, amazing, how different it looks.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

In the final version, she doesn't look to be "laboring" so much. She has sexier lips and eyes. Much more inviting to look at, the final version. She's concerned, but not constipated.

You have a talent for depicting faces and figures with economy of line and form.

Sandra said...

Hey Brucie!! How are ya? Send me some sweet words if you get chance...I could so totally use some right now! You are one of the ones who are at the top of my list for having the knack for making people feel special! ; - )

BTW, Awesome sketches!!!! ; - )

Luv from Texas!!,


Bruce said...

Merisi: I like the final, too. The least favorite for me now, is the middle drawing. It's kind of bleh.

Anajo: Ha, ha, yeah, she's not laboring too much. My original ideas for this was in the pin-up range, I thought this image would be good for a logo or something.

That's what some of these black and white pieces are for, trying to improve my line quality, so it's good to see that they are effective.

Thanks for all your well put comments btw.

Sandra: Well, what a heck of a sweet thing to say. I think YOU just made my day.

I hope that whatever has you down soon gets the hell out there and your good spirits return. I couldn't imagine you anything but happy!

Ana Banana Nuts & Honey said...

Hi Bruce! lovely drawings! All three are good, although I prefer the first one. There is something about the line quality that I think is more interesting than the other two drawings. I guess there is more of a spontaneity that I like. And the expression looks natural, whereas the other two it looks a little forced. but I do like the graphic quality of the last image...very nice.

Bruce said...

Y'now, there are more times than not that I prefer my original sketch to whatever I finally end up with for just the same reasons that you stated, Ana. And that sketch is so small, too! Maybe two inches all around.

Sandra said...

Thanks Brucie!! Luv ya!! Thanks for the wonderful and sweet comments!! You so totally made my DAY!! Oh, and I am so glad that I made your day as well...heehee!!

Luv from Texas!!!,


Sandra said...

Hey! I left you a response on my blog! Thanks, Bruce! Very cool you are!!!!! ; - )



sleepydog said...


Nice work. I like most of the pieces you've put up recently (Esp the scortched earth giraffe)but haven't been around much to comment (I was busy getting a bionic pig valve installed, now I'm the six million dollar pork chop)

The evolution of the piece from eyes closed to eyes opened, is that meant to convey a shift of expression or is it symbolic of enlightenment? (Or did you just like the way it looked better? :) )

Can you tell? I'm one of those "Used to be" artists who love to talk (blah blah blah) endlessly about art, since I don't create it any more...

dintoons said...

bruce, a really nice series of drawings! LOVE the second one, there's something about that clean yet hazy texture of colour pencils... imparting an appealing softness to the hard metallic theme (quite apparent in the pen n ink rendering)... definitely a finished piece in itself!

nice to imagine her in some cool comicbook action poses! :o)

Bruce said...

Sandra: Well, I'm happy that I could help out a friend! Hope everything is good down yonder...

Chris: I'm happy that your operation turned out swell and you will soon be up and running with the other little six million dollar piggies in no time. Always good to hear that you still have that unique sense of humor.

And no, the eyes being open wasn't any sense of enlightenment on my part, I really did think that it looked better, but if you want to stick with that explanation, I'll back ya up on it 100%.

Dinesh: The more that I looked at that second one, the more I didn't like it that much, so it's nice to hear that someone does like it. And I actually had a full comic book type pose for this thumbnailed with her holding a giant wrench, but then I thought not!