Tuesday, July 24, 2007

San Diego Bound!

Tomorrow I jump on a plane headed for San Diego for my first ever visit to the International Comic-Con for what looks like a baptism of fire. I will be trying to conjure up some illustration work with the help and guidance of illustrator Matt Busch, so keep your fingers crossed. It will be a learning experience, for sure, and I'm really looking forward to the experience of it all. Plus, I hope to meet many fellow artists and just have a damn good time.


Sandra said...

Enjoy your trip, Brucie!! I hope you have a wonderful time and meet all that you are hoping to meet! Have a good 'ol time and I will be looking forward to seeing some plcs from your trip! ; o )

Take care...

Sunshine from Texas!,


dintoons said...

haha, hope you don't need to use your helmet much... even if there's a mad scramble to buy your ilustrations n works!

great sketch, all the best again! :o)

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Fingers crossed. ;)

Ana Banana said...

Hello Bruce!

I don't know if you're back yet, but hope you had or are having a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to the photos and stories!

And this sketch is very well done! Great character and portrait!

DAD said...

But say therefore! His helmet is not a little of foibles?

DAD said...

"Foible" is not the good word....(fucking translator...)
"Rickety" is more correct ?
Je ne trouve pas le mot exact de ce que je veux dire en anglais...^^

Mike Dutton said...

hey Bruce,
Just wanted to say it was great meeting you, despite my horrid sense of direction finding you at the correct hotel! Sorry we didn't get to talk more, but I still had fun hanging out in the oh-so-chic Westin lounge. Hope your prospects turn into some future illustrations!

Ana Banana said...

hahaha DAD! he's such a cute one!

Hi Bruce! I'm glad you're back...and I'm waiting to hear about all of your wonderful adventures at comicon!

ThanKwee-Anajo said...


Yes, compared to dad's helmut on his avatar, this one is a bit rickety, yes...

Bruce said...

Sandra: The trip was great and I talked to a lot of people and made some contacts, so hopefully...

Pics coming soon!

Dinish: Ha, ha, a helmet would have come in handy fighting the crowd. hey, I tried to get a pic of Sergio, but whenever I went to his booth he wasn't there.

Anajo: I have my fingers crossed, too!

Ana: Hey, I'm back as you can tell and fun was had by all. I will post something soon.

Dad: Foibles and rickety. Have I been tractor-beamed into the crazy world of Dad? The helmet does look a bit clunky, though.

Mike: My thoughts exactly. I wished that we could have talked more, too. I really enjoyed meeting you, Arkady, Tiffany, Stephanie, Shelly and Dave. I wish that I could have talked more to all of you.

I don't think that I've spent so much time in so many different hotels, ha, ha. I think it was five in five days!

Ana: Yes, I'm back! it was weird going from fan boy to business mode and back over and over!

Anajo: I was thinking the same thing. His is much more menacing.