Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dry Clean Only

Here is another take on my Stargazing painting from the last post that was done for a charity auction fashion show. The auction will be held at the Janice Charach Epstein Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan on May 31st at 6:30pm and the show is called Dry Clean Only. Local artists have put their creations on ties, as well as denim shirts and they will be modelled by local community leaders. All the proceeds will go to Kids Kicking Cancer.

I've included two views of the tie (one scanned, the other by photo). I would have modelled it myself, but I wasn't feeling damn sexy today.

Stargazing III
acrylic on 100% silk


Ana Banana said...

Beautiful! I love this image on the tie! I would definitely wear this! What a great way to help kids with cancer, by the way. And next time I think you should model it whether you are feeling sexy or not. :o)

Jacqueline Hudon said...

This looks great. Your image works well on a tie.

Mike Dutton said...

It really does look sharp on a tie! I'm more of a pattern print kinda tie guy, myself, stripes and that sort of thing.... but this, I'd definitely proudly wear. Would love to hear a follow up on the auction, Bruce! And hats off to you for doing this for charity.

dintoons said...

beautiful application of those cool designs... this is truly inspired art at work... for a wonderfully positive cause...!!

more strength, blessings, power and inspiration to you my friend!! :o)

Sandra said...

Hey Bruce!! How about today? If you're feelin' sexy today, maybe you could give it another try and model it for us...heehee! Or are you too sexy for your tie...heeheehaahaa! ; ) Love the tie!! It's awesome!!

Sunshine from Texas!!,


Bruce said...

Ana: Ha, ha, so come out to Michigan and bid on it! Well, it's too late to model it now as I turned it in already...maybe Fabio will model it for me!

Jacqueline: Thanks, I was a bit worried when i started this because I've never painted a silk tie before. What a relief that it came out all right.

Mike: I think that I would wear this too (of course!), but as I get older I've realized that ties really suck.
I'll definitely post the results of the auction when I hear anything. Thanks Mike.

Dintoons: Thanks for all the warm thoughts, my friend and right back at cha!

Sandra: Yes! That's it, I'm too sexy for my tie! That's the story and I'm sticking to it, ha, ha. Usually, when I'm feeling sexy I put on my damn sexy David Hasselhoff red swim trunks and run in slow motion while cutting the front lawn.

And I wonder why my neighbors won't talk to me...

Sandra said...

Too funny, Bruce!! That's right, I forgot about that show! He sure was pretty damn sexy as he ran...heehee! Your neighbors need to chill...heehee!

Take care, Bruce!,