Sunday, December 31, 2006

Welcome to Tattooed Sky

Welcome to my brand new blog, Tattooed Sky. Years ago I wrote a short story called under the Tattooed Sky in which two friends feel the need to row a raft down the Detroit river in search of answers to why the polluted sky appears as tattooes. So, that's where the name comes from.

In this blog I will share mostly my art related adventures, but certainly not limited to. To start things off, I will show you a painting I did last summer that is a partial self-portrait called The Keystone.


Julien alday said...

Hi Bruce !
I wish you a "bonne année et une bonne santé" like we usually said in France. ;) It's great to see you starting a blog. And I'm way too happy to see some art from you [or did I miss it on CA ? Sorry if I did]. I like also the title of your blog now I read your words about that story. Images came in mind when I read it.
Happy new year, mon ami.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce glad to see you showing your use of imagination and your creativity on your blob.And that not all of your work is demoniac.GREAT JOB!!!!!!! Terri

Bruce said...

Julien: Yeah, I did post this on CA in my sketchbook and in the Finally Finished section. Shame on you for missing it! Actually, Mike Dutton helped me out a lot with this piece.

Terri: Ha, ha, I think I like "blob" better than "blog." I told you that I stray occasionally from the demonic side, but you never listen...